Termite Inspection in South Jersey

Keep Your Home Healthy & Free of Pests

We search attics, crawlspaces, and everything in between to determine if termites are a cause for concern in your home or condo. Our certified home inspectors have years in the industry, and know exactly where to look during our comprehensive termite inspections. Whether you need a termite inspection before purchasing a new home, or you want a trustworthy report for an aging building you own, our termite inspection specialists leave no plank, beam, or board out of the equation during our professional pest investigations.

Affordable Termite Inspection Services in NJ

Our termite inspection company in New Jersey provides homeowners with lasting peace of mind. We know exactly where they like to hide, the tell-tale traces left behind, and evaluate damaged conditions in our straightforward analysis. If we identify any areas of concern during our termite inspection, we outline the extent of the damage, explain what you can do about it, and provide you with valuable tips to prevent future damage. Included with our full-service home inspection, our termite inspections in NJ include:

What Can You Expect With Our Termite Inspection Services?

  • Search For Past & Present Infestations
  • NPMA-33 (Wood Destroying Insect Inspection Report)

Clearly Identify Problems With a Home Inspection in South Jersey

Investing in an affordable termite inspection in South Jersey is one of the easiest ways to prevent costly repair bills in the future. When detected early, termites can be eradicated before structural integrity is compromised. We’ll help you identify the at-risk areas, discuss potential remedies, and outline our findings in a clearly-defined insect inspection report. Since termites like to sneak in through cracks and unsealed areas in exteriors, roofs, and basements, a proactive home inspection in NJ is a great way to identify potential weaknesses in the structure. Our experienced team never compromises while exploring surface areas, and accurately identifies areas that may need repair or sealing to stop potential termites in their tracks.

Our certified home inspectors offer comprehensive home inspection services. Just like our detailed termite checks, all of our home inspection findings are clearly documented, honestly discussed, and involve education on maintenance, needed repairs, and steps you can take to prevent recurring concerns.

Included in our detail-oriented inspections, we provide proven testing procedures to guarantee your new home or condo in South Jersey is safe to occupy. With our mold inspection and radon testing in NJ, we use advanced testing equipment, verify data with licensed laboratory results, and clearly explain all of the results for true peace of mind following an inspection. 

We hope to simplify your next real estate purchase with useful information and trustworthy guidance. We’ll paint a clear picture of the entire property, and you’ll be able to purchase with confidence knowing you’re getting exactly what you’re paying for. When you partner with our certified home inspectors in South Jersey, we investigate every housing component, like:

  • Siding & Exterior Surfaces
  • Roof & Drainage Systems
  • Plumbing & Electricals
  • Heating, Cooling, & Ventilation
  • Basements & Foundations
  • Attics & Crawlspaces
  • Fireplaces & Chimneys
  • & More…

Accessible & Convenient Services in South Jersey & Burlington County, NJ

Our clients in South Jersey and Burlington County, NJ receive more than the standard inspection services when they give us a call. We value your time and important deadlines and do our best to provide remarkably responsive service times that work around your schedule. Our services are available in many areas across New Jersey, and you can expect our well-equipped inspectors to arrive on time and to always treat your home with respect.
Before moving forward with any real estate deal, give our friendly company a call. We hope to protect our clients from questionable real estate deals and are here to provide you with the clear home inspection results you deserve. All of our best services in NJ come with our commitment to honest service, and with the lowest prices in the inspection industry, discovering lasting peace of mind with your new home or condo is possible.