Home Inspections | Termite | Radon | Sewer Scope | Air Sampling | Direct Fungal Examination

Home Inspection

We treat our inspections as an educational tool, to provide you not only with a list of material defects which may exist in the home, but also with the knowledge and know-how to maintain and identify future concerns.

Termite Inspecton

We search for evidence of past and present damage and infestations from all manner of Wood Destroying Insects. Providing you with the information and knowledge to keep your home healthy and free of pests.

Radon Inspection

We perform our short term radon testing with a combination of either open faced charcoal, or liquid scintillation, in order to best suit your needs!

Sewer Scope Inspection

The main sewer lateral connecting the home to the local sewer system is often the first component of a home to be overlooked, and yet repairs to this system can be among the most costly due to their location. Using specialized equipment we are able to give you a first hand look from the inside of these pipes.

Direct Fungal Examination / Air Sampling

Are allergies a concern? Using a variety of testing methods we are able to confirm the presence of any organic growth within the home through either direct sampling of an area, or via air samples taken at various locations within the home.